Ways you can serve!

What Are Our Greatest Ministry Needs This Fall?


Prayer Servants for our Sunday “drop-in” prayer room to pray with people as they come and request it.
Commitment: 1 hour on Sunday morning every 2-6 weeks, prayer@OstervilleBaptist.org


Prayer Servants to engage in prayer throughout our church service
Commitment: 1 hour every 4-6 weeks, prayer @OstervilleBaptist.org


Media Operators to run the slides and videos on Sunday Morning Dave@OstervilleBaptist.org


Sunday School Teacher or assistant for Grade 1&2 class Karla@OstervilleBaptist.org


Sunday School Class Substitutes for all classes Karla@OstervilleBaptist.org


Kidventure Tech Helpers to run computer or be be extra set of hands Karla@OstervilleBaptist.org


Kidventure Story Helpers interested in drama or puppets for storytelling Karla@OstervilleBaptist.org


Little Kids Time Teachers and Assistants on quarterly rotation Sara@OstervilleBaptist.org


Volunteers for Special Children’s and AWANA Events:

Fall Festival, Christmas events, Family/Kids Nights, AWANA Store, etc. Karla@OstervilleBaptist.org

Substitute Nursery Volunteers, who would not be on the regular nursery schedule, but could be called on as a fill-in Sara@OstervilleBaptist.org


Sunday Morning Floater to help meet general children’s ministry needs as they arise Sara@OstervilleBaptist.org


AWANA Cubbies (Preschool) Helpers Karla@OstervilleBaptist.org


AWANA T&T Boys (grade 3-6) Leaders and Helpers Karla@OstervilleBaptist.org


AWANA Listeners for the kids saying their weekly Bible verses Karla@OstervilleBaptist.org


Tech Volunteers for Sojourners on Wednesday Night Rob@OstervilleBaptist.org


Regular Youth Staff, especially ladies, interested in building relationships with teens Rob@OstervilleBaptist.org


A MOPS babysitter MOPs@ostervillebaptist.org


Women’s Bible Study Refreshments Hostess charlene@dennens.com