Osterville Baptist Church is involved in Missions around the world and we assist in supporting and promoting individual missionaries and mission agencies alike in spreading the "Good News" of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Our missionaries include those involved in missionary aviation, international Bible translation, jail and prison ministries, church planting, Christian youth programs, pastoral and missionary education, pastoral & Christian Life ministries, U.S. international Gospel radio broadcasts and programming, street preaching, theological education, evangelism and a Christian professional sports ministry.


OBC's missions ministry stretches from prisons in Siberia to Plymouth, Christian educational institutions from Nairobi to Manila. Missionary aid and supplies are flown from Palm Beach to Port Au Prince. God's Word is proclaimed on the radio waves from Barnstable to Lima, Peru.


Churches are assisted in being nurtured from infancy from Cambridgeport to the South End. The Gospel is proclaimed by street preaching from Dowses Beach to South Station. We love and care for our missionaries and consider them to be an integral part of our OBC church family.

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